How to Buy a Luxury Property in Portugal

Invest Property Chic has been assisting investors with the purchase of Portuguese property for over a decade and we take great pride in providing our clients with the very best advice and information at all times.

With the introduction of the Golden Visa along with the incredible investment opportunities available across the city of Lisbon, Portuguese investment has never been so attractive. International property investors are seeing the immense value in a city that just seems to keep on yielding exceptional results in both the residential and commercial markets. Over the past decade, Lisbon has seen investment from Global corporations, such as Google and Amazon, further signifying the trust in this thriving marketplace. We truly believe that an investment in Lisbon and in Portugal is an investment in the future of a thriving European centre and we invite you to explore these opportunities with us by your side.

Why is Lisbon Investment Attractive?

With a combination of excellent tax incentives, the reimagination and regeneration of the city and the reach of the real estate market, Lisbon has become a true centre of excellence in many emerging areas. New technological initiatives, a changing landscape of greener living and a focus on the future have made Lisbon one of the number one real estate investment opportunities in the world. Continuous growth and improvement since 2008, have ensured that Lisbon will remain attractive well into our future and those of future generations. 

Lisbon has shown the world what it means to invest in the future, and the city planners take their progress very seriously. A city with a long-term plan and a commitment to continuous improvement, we are seeing new districts emerging and attracting global brands at every opportunity. Both public and private investors are benefitting positively from this rebrand and regrowth, with centres such as Marvila providing hubs for start-ups in what is the World’s biggest undertaking of this kind. 

There are of course many tax incentives in this part of the world that make it equally attractive as an investment for individuals and organisations of all kinds. With the abolition of property tax in 2004, along with individual benefits for those who wish to retire, there has rarely been a more attractive proposition. Certain investors can also benefit from the low taxation (in some cases zero taxation) on profits made outside the country, giving new residents of Lisbon a unique opportunity to live a secure life whilst enjoying modern city living and the freedoms that come with financial safety. 

As an entrepreneur you may be wondering how Lisbon can have a positive impact on your unique circumstances; we invite you to check out the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Fiscal Incentive Programme. Couple this exciting opportunity with various other incentives for new start-ups and an extremely attractive low cost of living, and you will quickly begin to see how Lisbon can work for you. 

Benefits of the Non-Habitual Residents Programme:

Become a fiscal resident of Portugal under this scheme and avail of the following benefits:

Join the ever-increasing wave of entrepreneurs who have pinpointed Lisbon as the centre of the action, and make your mark on this growing city of dreams. With the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, it is clear that Lisbon has become home to those who wish to look to the future and contribute to the evolving nature of the city. We encourage entrepreneurs to explore the Criativo Beato, the Alcãntara Complex, the Exeo Campus and the soon-to-be-unveiled K-Tower.

There is of course, also, the Golden Visa Investment Scheme, which offers investors the opportunity to work, live and study in the EU with all the benefits that an EU passport offers. You can learn more about the Portuguese Golden Visa application process here in our dedicated learning section. It’s rare that you will get an opportunity to fast-track an EU passport application, so this is something we advise you to investigate further. Feel free to get in touch with a member of the Invest Property Chic team to learn more about this process. 

The quality of life in Lisbon needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated, with incredible architecture, historical buildings, a wealth of cultural experiences and superior infrastructure, we couldn’t ask for a more perfect location. Think of the heat on your bones for more than 300 days a year, hop in the car and take a drive to the nearest sandy beach, live life affordably and securely in a city that seems like it was designed just for you.

Whilst property prices are still rising in Lisbon, it is important to realise that there are many opportunities for investment still ripe. When we compare property prices in this region to other cities in Europe, there are substantial differences. Value for money in Lisbon is simply incomparable to other European destinations, with the incentives available making it an even more attractive prospect. Take a look at some of the properties for sale in Lisbon, to truly appreciate the difference in both costs and opportunity. 

Tourism continues to rise year on year in Lisbon, with a 50% increase since 2012. As international travel now returns to post-pandemic levels, we can see once again that Lisbon is top of every traveller’s list. The time to invest is now.

Lisbon 2030

Lisbon has positioned itself at the heart of Europe’s climate initiative with a clear strategy toward cleaner living and best environmental practices. This commitment to the future, along with a reimagined infrastructure, means that Lisbon will continue to attract global brands for decades to come. It is understood that the Portuguese Government have invested heavily in the city of Lisbon, with tens of billions of Euros earmarked for investment over the next decade. An exciting time to invest in a city of the future, for the future. 

With two new subway stations and train stations and a whole fleet of trams and buses at your doorstep, Lisbon has truly embraced public transport. This state-of-the-art city aims to provide residents with a comfortable way of living and travelling in the city without infringing on the environmental surroundings. 

Culture and the Arts

The CCB (Cultural Centre of Belém) and the FIL (Feira Internacional de Lisboa) are currently undergoing expansion to further enhance the cultural offerings within the city. An additional investment of over €80m has also been committed to fund new arts facilities right across the city and its surrounding areas. 

Buying a Property in Lisbon

Invest Property Chic can assist you with the purchase of property in Lisbon. From first contact through to the completion of the sale, our team of dedicated experts are here to guide you through every step of the process. 

You can expect to pay approximately 8% of the property cost in taxes and legal fees, which is standard in the majority of EU countries. When purchasing a property at the planning stage, 30% will be required at the contract signing stage with milestone payments due whilst construction is being undertaken, a final payment will then be required when deeds are ready to be signed.

For those of you who are interested in obtaining a mortgage in Lisbon or another area of Portugal, you will find that 70% of the value of the property will be available via finance. You do not need to be a resident to avail of a mortgage. Interest rates will vary, but generally tend to be in the 1.75% to 2.9% range.  Stamp duty is applicable at 0.8% of the sale price. 

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