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Invest Property Chic is a company that specialises in properties for sale across France, Portugal & Turkey as well as other smaller resorts across Europe. We have been in operation now for over a decade, which makes us one of the most established companies of its kind in Europe. Our mission is simple. To provide each and every customer with a high level of service.

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Our job is to ensure you are happy with all aspects of your purchase, we guide you in every step of the way in purchasing, cash flows, mortgage simulations, location, legal, setting up company structure, rentals and management.

Since 2001 it has been our goal to bring you properties that are available for every budget in the best resorts across Europe. We carefully select each of the properties we offer to potential investors and research thoroughly as well as visit each location.

We ensure that your investment makes financial sense, offering you various different types of cash flow to meet your expectation.

We make sure to get you pre-approved from our in-house mortgage company to ensure all finance arrangements are approved before taking a deposit payment.

If you’re looking for a self-financing investment, a personal investment, an investment with a small shortfall or a high-end location investment for your retirement, we have it all. It’s very important for us to understand exactly what you’re looking for, what your needs and criteria and budgets are before we propose any property.

Making the decision to invest in foreign property is a big step for any individual regardless of their circumstances, and you need to know that you are dealing with reliable, trustworthy professionals who have your best interests at heart.