Avenidas Novas

Lisbon, Portugal

Avenidas Novas, Lisbon


Avenidas Novas

Avenidas Novas is a residential and business district where the oldest residents have lived, there are also students from Universidadde Nova de Lisboa. This neighbourhood is so large it’s divided into separate neighbourhoods such as Bairoor do Rego, Campo Pequeno, Nossa Senhora de Fatima, Bairro Azul and Sao Debastiao de Pedreira. It has easy access to major roadways and public transport. One of the most famous landmarks is the largest park Parque Eduardo VII you can also find the Gulbenkian Gardens which holds concerts and has 2 museums.

Restaurants to visit in Avenidas Novas
• Nomada Avenidas Novas
• My Mother’s Daughter
• Mesa do bairro
• O Nobre
• O Talho

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Lisbon Airport: 30mins

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